The Mountain That Looks Like a Space Dome

It’s no secret by now that I am a strong proponent of promoting the natural beauties that Georgia has. On a recent trip to one such sight, my husband and I borrowed our friends’ RV and hit the road. I couldn’t help but marvel at the magnificence of Stone Mountain, so I decided to put on my tourist glasses and share what I saw with y’all, even though I’m a proud, native Georgian.

Nestled on the periphery, 13 km away from downtown Atlanta, lies this huge non-vegetated dome-like mountain that totally looks like it fell from space. Though, the geological findings have found that this is not the case, despite me secretly hoping that it was an extraterrestrial object. That still doesn’t take away from its beauty, as this inselberg is truly a sight to behold.

At its highest point, it’s 514 m above sea level, so it’s not a big mountain by any stretch of the imagination, but given the low elevation of its surroundings, it really sticks out.

What’s so unique about it is that Stone Mountain is unlike any other mountain in terms of vegetation. It’s a plain protruding stone dome with little to no trees. The lower slopes are wooded, but beyond that, it’s much more barren than your average mountain due to its distinct geological make-up.

When we got to the top, we were star-struck by the breathtaking view of the Atlanta skyline, Kennesaw Mountain to the north-west and since it was a very clear day, we could even see the Appalachian Mountains in the distance! The summit can be reached by a trail on the western side, or by cable cars.

Another attraction, besides the geography, is the rock relief engraved in the mountainside. It depicts several confederate generals, but we won’t get political – it’s objectively a remarkable work of art, done by the same person who created the famous Mount Rushmore sculpture.

Anyway, once we made a tour of all the landmarks, we returned to the campgrounds and our friends’ RV to relax after a very eventful day. I immediately hit the shower and I didn’t for the life of me realize that I had spent over twenty minutes recollecting everything I saw that day. Then it hit me. How is hot water still running? In my experience, showers in an RV are a frantic feat.

The next day I called my friend to tell her about our little excursion and, of course, to ask her about the shower. She then explained to me that they had installed an on-demand tankless water heater. Afterward, I hopped on the web and I found this great article about tankless water heaters at and it was all clear to me. The way that these things function is pure genius. I wonder how the idea hadn’t come to me earlier. But, as they say, experience is the best teacher.