Supporting Community Theater

As a proponent of community support, I want to play my part when the time comes. I do what I can. We all have individual talents.  I volunteer now and then to assist organizations like the theatre. I want to see the arts thrive and they need all the help they can get these days. I can fundraise, make phone calls, and go door to door to publicize a cause or otherwise participate in local activities. When you work for your city, you meet wonderful people who enjoy giving of themselves. It is a rare treat in this day and age of egotism and conceit.  I pride myself on being a real Georgia peach in every sense of the term. I want to live a life of a citizen who cares. When a friend asked me to help put up flyers for a show she is in at the Southwest Arts Center, I didn’t balk. I was ready to do the job promptly and efficiently to make the production a success. I can’t build sets or make costumes, but I can certainly walk around the neighborhood and staple flyers on posts and walls. I have my trusty staple gun for the job. They call me the Staple Slinger. It is important in our area to promote events including the latest plays in the local theatre.


While I am not an actress, I appreciate what my friend is doing. It is more than a hobby or mere pastime. She is serious about her craft. I love watching her on the stage, exhibiting her talent to an admiring public. The theatre is infectious and I never miss an offering. We have local playwrites who have gained popularity over the years. I didn’t take advantage of the world of acting when I was in school, perhaps because there was no blatant talent there. I can be a bystander and part of an audience instead. I love it when the plays revolve around Georgia topics and local situations. In case you didn’t notice, I am a very loyal subject of my state.


I bought the staple gun long ago for another purpose. I wasn’t mounting flyers but making my own art surface. You can buy wood frames in any size that you can assemble. They fit into one another to make a receptacle for canvas. This material comes in any size since it is on a roll in the art store. You can buy different textures and thicknesses. You stretch the canvas across the frame and staple it in place with your gun. While this might seem like a lot of trouble, it is much cheaper than buying a ready-made canvas in the store. You can also get the exact size you want. Mostly you see standard sizes but I wanted something other than a square or proportionate rectangle. I learned to use the gun quite well. When it came time to distribute the flyers, I was already an expert.