Pool Care

Summer is as nice as it can be in Georgia, even if it gets rather hot. The reason is that so many people have pools, many of which are portable above-ground models. They aren’t that expensive compared to the permanent kind and they do the job nicely of refreshing you, the kids and your friends when the temperature soars. They sure make the months from June to September tolerable. They also feel like you are on vacation when you can’t get away to a resort or the beach.

It is a real luxury to have any kinds of pool in the backyard so you don’t have to trek to the club or public community center. You can go as often as you like, never having to look for a nearby parking spot. It is unpleasant to just walk across a paved parking lot with the concrete radiating extreme heat. You can sit as long as you like in cool, swirling water to relax your muscles or have an ice cold beverage. The kids can splash about and frolic with glee. It is a wonderful time for the family to bond.

Owning a pool means maintenance and care or you will not appreciate the poor condition of the water. Larger above-ground pools use chlorine to purify just like in-ground versions. It doesn’t last forever and the water can turn green, indicating that a shock with chemicals is needed. The good news is that you can do it yourself with a kit from Home Pools Plus and avoid the expense of a professional service. Or you can get a neighborhood kid who wants to earn a little pocket money to buy the supplies and dump them in according to schedule. It is important to check the pH or the kids might get burned or harm done to sensitive eyes. There are many choices so that you can select the solution best for your size pool. In-ground pools have automatic robot systems and they are now making smaller versions for portable units. They work best, however, to clean leaves and debris that float on the service. As far as I know, they do not yet emit chemicals with precision. This would be a coup for the industry for sure. Meanwhile we do it manually and learn the ropes fast for safety and security.

I also keep a net on a pole nearby to skim the water for large objects that get in the way of young swimmers. Your neighborhood kid can use it as well, but it comes in handy because things can get in the water in between his visits. I hate it when my kids have to maneuver between twigs and floating dirt. Keeping a pool clean is a definite must. At least you don’t have ceramic tile to scrub. This can be a real chore if you let it go and it gets coated with lime or mold. My choice to get an above-ground pool was supremely practical and well thought out.