Longer Lunch Break than I’d Planned!

I am pretty punctual and law abiding in the workplace so to speak. I fancy myself as a good employee. When I take a longer lunch break than usual, I feel guilty and ashamed. I know this is a ridiculous attitude because no one even notices unless you do it all the time. If you are missing for a couple of hours, what can you expect? It is not that strict in the office and you are expected to be your own policeman. If you take five minutes more, the boss isn’t going to chop off your head. That would be a bit drastic. I tell you, my blog readers, because it just so happened that I got a flat tire one day while riding on a bike trail near my place of employment. I was on my lunch break and knew I had to be prompt. After all, I am Miss Reliable most of the town, if not always. So here I was with this horrid flat and no other vehicle in sight to take me back.

It only took a minute for me to realize that I had an air compressor from Compressor Force mounted on the back of the bicycle. I also had a patch kit in the trunk of my car. As it turns out, I had driven to the trail with my bike mounted on the hood since it was a long ride in itself. I do this as a rule and it works out well letting me have some time outdoors within the brief time allotted for lunch. It is a great way to refresh yourself and vent after a tough morning. It allows me time after work to go on errands or to the gym. I love being self-sufficient and fixing the flat was clearly an example of independence. I didn’t need to call for help, if any would even come to me on the trail. I don’t think the auto club repairs bicycles on the spot. Here I was doing it alone and it worked out fine. I put air in the tire, rode to the car without a problem (the air was ample for the distance), got out the patch kit and repaired it in a flash. I could have waited until I got home, but I didn’t want to forget about it. I envisioned the next time I was in the mood for a lunchtime ride only to find a flat tire.

Every bike rider needs to think about an air compressor for emergencies. It happens all the time. You hit a rock or jagged piece of metal and you are done. At home, it is a matter of nails in the alley from some local construction job. They are a menace for a car or a bike. The patch kit is good enough to get home in a pinch although you may want to take it to the shop to be sure.