Treasures in Savannah

Some places just own your spirit the minute you set foot in them. Even if it is your first time there, it feels like home. Savannah is that place for me. This gorgeous slice of heaven captured my heart years ago when I went to visit Juliette Gordon Low’s home as a young Girl Scout, and it remains my favorite place to spend a weekend or a vacation.

The history of this place will astound you. Well-preserved homes in their southern glory, framed by trees drenched in Spanish moss. If you’re as big a history fan as I am, take the tour at the Owens-Thomas house. You will truly get a glimpse of what life here was like long ago. If you’re a historian and a film or literature buff, go by The Mercer House, setting for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. If you’re just looking for that beloved Savannah darling Little Wendy the Bird Girl, head over to the Jepson Centeron W York Street. You should go there anyway, but please don’t miss our girl when you’re there.

If you’re a souvenir shopper, you need to make two stops. First, check out the city market. A nod to the city’s old marketplace, this section of the Historic District has restaurants, gift shops, artists and galleries, and local crafts. Also please check out River Street. It is a great place to eat, shop, and watch the ships go by.

Where are my transportation buffs? Savannah has some treats for y’all! For those who love all things nautical, I recommend a trip to The Ships of the Sea Museum, located at the William Scarbrough House and Gardens. You will get to see more models, artifacts, and other mementos than can be found in Davy Jones’s locker. Personally, I think it is worth a look just to see the Titanic model. There’s also the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force with its model planes and combat gallery. It is an incredibly enriching and informative walk through World War II. If trains are more your thing, believe it or not, Savannah is also the home to the Georgia State Railroad Museum. You can see railcars of different eras—including a handcar—and even take a train tour on either a steam or diesel train!

If you’ve got kids, take them to Forsyth Park. There is a farmer’s market, lots of recreation, playgrounds, concerts, and lots of open space. The fountain is definitely one of those must-take family photos to document your trip. I have pictures of me standing in front of it that my parents took over the years and you can definitely see how much I grew from year to year. Any bench in the park is just about my favorite place in Savannah. And of course, if you or your daughters have ever been Girl Scouts, stopping by Juliet Gordon Low’s is definitely something that you MUST do!

There you are, readers. A little piece of my heart. Come on down to Savannah and see what it’s all about.