Have a Wet and Wild Time in Georgia

Georgia aquarium

I just had the best time at the Georgia aquarium and had to come home and share it with y’all! First, a little background: the Georgia Aquarium is huge, just how we like everything here in the south. But I’m warnin’ you now that just a day’s visit won’t do it justice. It’s the largest aquarium in the entire Western Hemisphere. That’s a lot of ground to cover, and if you go when it’s crowded like I did, you might not get to see everything you want to. The shows fill up fast, and you really don’t want to miss out!

My absolute favorite was the Ocean Voyager exhibit. It was absolutely incredible, especially the tunnel. It is genius that they have it as a people-mover because I was so fascinated by everything, I would never have taken a step! I loved seeing the whale sharks and the rays swimming by. Next time, I would definitely like to do the whale shark swim. I know, I know. It sounds scary (cue the Jaws theme music) but it really isn’t. Whale sharks eat plankton, not people! They are the largest fish in the sea, and the cost of the swim goes toward research and funding for the aquarium, which I love. I get a once in a lifetime experience while also helping out an incredible hometown organization at the same time? Sounds like a win-win to me, folks. People get all up in arms about animals like these being in captivity but these whales would have been EATEN if they hadn’t been sent here. You know what these incredible whale sharks are called where they were purchased from? Tofu sharks. Because of what they taste like. Can you believe it?

My second favorite exhibit was the Cold Water Quest. There are some adorable creatures there. The peaceful and other-worldly looking beluga whales. I also saw the biggest octopus I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It was weirdly beautiful and spooky. I fell completely in love with the adorable otters that you can see from both under the water and above. But, by far, my favorite was the African Penguin exhibit. They have a little plastic dome so that you can get super close up to them and yet they—and you—remain safe. It is a unique and fantastic way to get an incredibly rare view of these fascinating creatures. Watching their antics from such a cool viewpoint was a real treat. I loved their little rock caves.

And that’s just the stuff I was able to do in mytwo hour visit! I’m already planning what I am going to do when I go back. Next time, after my swim with the whale sharks, I want to see the bottlenose dolphins and the sea lions! Maybe I’ll see you there, what do you think?