Winter Fun in Atlanta

What can you do in Georgia? Innumerable activities all year round. Certain regions within the city of Atlanta or just outside are known for sites and entertainment. Take your pick from art and culture, shopping in Perimeter Mall, and nature. You might even want to attend a ball game. Atlanta is a vibrant city for indoor events, but sometimes nature calls and you want to be outdoors. Each region of the state has its own attractions. For adventure, there is Treetop Quest, a zip lining site that includes an interactive obstacle course. It is located in Brook Run Park and is suitable for the entire family. In the winter, you can be less active and go for a pampering at one of the stellar local spas or you can go on a wine tasting tour or take in a show at Stage Door Players in Dunwoody among others.

Each area of Georgia is a separate community and you can enjoy the offerings such as parades and special events that occur throughout the year. Dunwoody is just one example. There is no shortage of winter fun. There is a lot of green space if you want a walk in the park—one like Brook Run. Many have children’s playgrounds, skate and dog areas, and hiking trails. Even though it is winter, on a nice day you can still play tennis, go biking, or have a picnic if weather permits. You might want to take an outdoor heater. It will make the event that much more comfortable. A little warmth will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without freezing to death. Get a light weight portable gas-fueled unit and see how pleasant winter can be. You don’t need to hide indoors all season long. You can’t exactly take it to a ball game, but you can use it during tailgating time. A heavy blanket will carry you a long way through the winter for most seated outdoor activities. If you are going to be walking around, a sturdy jacket or coat will do. The point is not to miss out on all the fun going on in Georgia during the winter, the same as the other seasons. Don’t get the winter blues. Look at all the listings in the paper for recreation and special events and pick a new one each week end. It is an open-ended realm of possibilities. While people often pine for summer, many prefer the crisp clear air of winter.

Don’t be afraid of an outdoor heater. They are perfectly safe and even an older child can operate one. You will be having your picnic nearby no doubt so you can keep your eye on it. You will just have to add propane now and then. If you have never had a February or March day in the park, now is the time to put it on your to do list. There are heaters for sale in hardware stores and online. Watch for the good deals!