Making a Friend in an Unexpected Place

There is great joy in making new friends. It doesn’t happen that often beyond childhood when you let other kids into your life practically on a daily basis. New friends are to be treasured and never ignored. No matter how busy we are, we need to make time for social encounters. It is healthy for us and no doubt uplifting for the friends. Bonding is easy if you find activities you enjoy together such as going to dinner, the movies, a sports event, or a walk in the park. I mention the park because this is where I met a special person who happens to be an ER nurse. I was sitting on a bench having a snack and just whiling away the time. It seemed like hours of boredom passed and I was thinking of going home. Just at that moment, a woman in a nurse’s uniform covered by a jacket approached the bench and sat down. I was ripe for conversation having been sitting so long.

We started to share stories and found that we were similar in age and had a lot of things in common, although she had her work and certain favorite pastimes. I like hearing about what other people like to do. We decided to meet again as she had to get back to work and planned on going to a restaurant nearby that we both liked on the weekend. The second meeting was as successful as the first. We talked for hours. In short, we became friends and the bond steadily grew. We were seldom apart for more than a few days. If we couldn’t get together, we talked on the phone. It just so happened that I got the flu one day and felt so poor that I couldn’t get out of bed to take care of or feed myself. My nurse friend was ready to come over right away. I didn’t have to ask. She got me through a tough time. I don’t know what I would have done without her. People can be so giving. I thank goodness for the existence of friends.

Shortly thereafter, I got well and wanted to buy the nurse a thank you gift for what she had so willingly done. I am sure she didn’t expect it, but nevertheless I sought something nice and had several choices. It could be perfume, sweets, compression socks in fun colors (nurses wear them all the time), a key chain with her initial on it, or tickets to a play or another event. I thought of a pretty scarf but nurses wear uniforms and I don’t suppose they can get away with adding accessories. So I went with the compression socks and got three pairs. She was delighted since it was something useful and appropriate. She said that the only fun she can have as to work attire are socks. I hit the nail on the head and got the right present.