Magical Summers on the Georgia Coast

Did you ever have a perfect summer as a kid? You know, the kind where when you look back, you don’t remember it raining or getting sick—it was just completely filled with ice cream, friends, fishing, swimming, and s’mores? Maybe you were lucky enough for your parents to take you on an awesome vacation, or maybe it was your first summer romance… Whatever made it great, it was probably the only summer where the planets aligned and everything was awesome.

I gotta tell ya, though, a summer on the Georgia Coast is going to come in a very close second! Each beach has its own personality, so you’ll be sure to find your match made in heaven! I just want to highlight a couple of places here so y’all can see what I’m talking about:

Tybee Island is one of my favorite places. It is close enough to Savannah that you don’t feel like you are missing anything but you can still take advantage of that relaxing island pace. For history and architecture enthusiasts, there is the incredible Fort Pulaski National Monument. The lighthouse is a must for any photographers and art lovers will surely enjoy the art galleries located on the island. For nature fans, there’s also a marine science center and sea turtle nesting. And of course, there are the beaches! They are the perfect place to spend a day of swimming or relaxing.

Another wonderful place to visit is Jekyll Island. If you want a feel for what southern high class life was way back in the 1880s, you definitely need to see what they are doing over at the Jekyll Island National Historic Landmark. It is a huge, ongoing restoration project designed to preserve an elite ‘winter retreat’ for titans like Marshall Field, J.P. Morgan, and Joseph Pulitzer. The work they have done there is remarkable. Another incredible sight on Jekyll Island is Driftwood Beach. Words cannot describe this gorgeous place. The trees are hauntingly beautiful. I recommend bringing a camera (or two) because it is not a sight that you probably will ever see again!

A friend of mine got married on Sea Island and it was an amazing location. This spectacular retreat is rated highly by AAA, Travel + Leisure, and Forbes year after year, and for good reason. Award winning spas, high end resorts, and luxurious beach home accommodations speak to the heavenly retreat atmosphere Sea Island cultivates. If you are craving outdoor activities, Sea Island has you covered. They boast some fantastic golfing, sailing, and even horseback riding. If you are a foodie, you will think you have died and gone to heaven (not a joke. Go to the Georgian Room. Dress nicely). If that’s not your cup of tea, take a marsh tour or relax at the spa. The best part is that The Cloister has a kid camp, so your kids can have as much fun as you do.

Those are just some of my favorites. I haven’t even told you about St. Simons or Little St. Simons, or anything about Historic Brunswick.  Maybe next time!