3 Things You Didn’t Know About Atlanta

On any trip to Georgia,you absolutely have to make a stop inAtlanta.Our capital is so chock full of southern hospitality that it could charm the socks off of darn near anybody. I could brag all day about what a great place it is, but I decided to settle on just three lesser known-facts that also make great reasons to visit:

Many places can claim that they have the busiest airport in the world, but they are sorely mistaken.That title belongs to our ownHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.This gigantic airport is a busy hub, and for several good reasons: location, location, location. Delta uses it as their home base, but it is also a common transfer spot for other large airlines like Southwest, Spirit, and Frontier. We’ve got better weather than that other central hub, Chicago, which makes us preferable for seasoned travelers and those in the know. You can get to many major U.S. cities in 2 to 4 hours, making it the perfect spot for layovers from either coast.  So maybe extend your time here and take a swing by one of our other largest claims to fame—the world’s largest drive-through at The Varsity Downtown. When they boast that they serve a ton of onion rings every day, they are not kidding.

When you think of blockbuster films and Hollywood stars, you tend to think of New York or L.A. You may be unaware that lots of movies and TV shows were actually shot on location in Georgia. You never know when you’ll be watching credits and see that little peach denoting that they shot it right here! Atlanta is a perfect location because we have everything: big city highrises, classic old-world mansions, great sports arenas, gilded hotels, and plenty of southern beauty. The Hunger Games series, The Fighting Temptations, The Signal, Freejack, Kalifornia, Trouble with the Curve, and Driving Miss Daisy (just to name a few) all were filmed at least partially in Atlanta.

We are the birthplace of many things, but the most famous thing to come out of Georgia is none other than that ubiquitous beverage staple, Coca-Cola. That’s right. A curious pharmacist mixed a sweet tasting syrup with carbonated water and the world’s number one soft drink was born! Did you know that it was created and first sold right here in Atlanta? The Coca-Cola company was very possibly the first manufacturer of coupons as well, as a marketing tool to get people to try their product. Coca-Cola World is located here, and is a great place to check out when you come for a visit. Stop by for a tour and to experience the freshest glass of Coca-Cola you’ll ever have.

Whether you are just passin’ through or you plan to set with us for a spell, I promise you can find something here in Atlanta worth your time.